Music 03 – Genres

Music 03 – Genres


One of the most beautiful things about Music, is the expansiveness of Genres. Tomorrow we can turn around and find a new genre! Just when we think we’ve heard everything, something new and beautiful comes out, and it changes the way we listen to music.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to look upon, discover, and analyze each and every genre. So instead, we shall take a brief look at the main recognized genres.

Main Genres




Carribean and influenced





Easy Listening



Hip Hop





New Age



R&B / Soul


Singer / Songwriter


All of these genres are very broad for the styles that they cover. Each of these have a multitude of subgenres that are as unique as the main genres over them.  These sub genres are mainly what we hear today, as it seems nothing is purely the main genre.  These subgenres go from “Pop-Country”, “Gangsta-Rap”, “K-Pop”, “Viking Metal”, “Dubstep”, and “Reggae”.

With such diversity available, people can have a wide variety of music in their libraries, and have strong dislikes for other music.  Much appreciation and passion goes into each genre, for both the artists and fans.  Many musicians will view it as “I don’t only have 3000 fans, I have the entire worlds population who isn’t a fan, yet.”

When creating music, you must view, in your respected genre, which venue you seek to be played in, and form your music to the space.  Seek the targeted audience, where they appreciate your music the most (ie, in an opera house, in a field with massive speakers, an indoor concert venue, a stadium, a church hall, a vehicle, a street corner, etc.).  If you are creating a rock ballad, that sounds best and attracts more people at a large rock fest, then throwing it on the radio may not be your best choice.  If your are a classical musician, putting an orchestra in an MP3 format, on a flash drive, may not be the best format.  Seek the space your music is to be played in, and take full advantage of it.

We can hear differences in the music for a few different reasons (most of which we will uncover in future lessons.).  The main reasons each of these sound so unique, is that each use a specific instrument; which generally has a different timbre and a different shaped soundwave.  Each uses different keys in different ways while using their specific instruments.  Some have very fast rhythm and melodies, others have very elongated notes that are monophonic.  Some use harmonies to the extreme, puting insutrments in front, sometimes vocals.  Sometimes genres can get confused and crossed, such as pop and country blending, rock and country, folk and indie, latin and carribean influenced.  Which is your favorite?  Leave a comment on our Facebook page!

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