Music 02 – Defining the Art

The Art It seems quite often that music and art get grouped together.  Society sees a correlation in the two, but many times we forget about the art of music itself. Now, we do have to remember that the word “Art” is a loose term.  It goes along with the saying “One man’s junk, is […]

Music – A Brief History

Music – A Brief History Music has been around just about as long as recorded history.  In our imagination’s we can imagine Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with some bongo drums going in the back ground (that most likely didn’t happen.)  We will review a few of the key moments in the […]


Intro Welcome to the 121m Records curriculum! Bear with us through this, as this is the first curriculum that we will have developed! We appreciate you taking the time to check this out, here are a few things you can look forward to. 50 Comprehensive lessons that are put into easy-to-learn terms. 5 main categories […]

Redesigned site!

Check back for updates often.  Don’t forget to subscribe via RSS!  We have changed out game plans in many ways.  We will be releasing info soon on some of the updates we have had in the last year or so, along with which direction we are headed.  We would also like to release some official […]