Music 07 – Keys

Music 07 – Keys In western Music, to be able to evoke the correct emotion that the song is trying to convey, it is important that the song is written, and performed, in the correct key.  A Key is a description of a group of notes that can be played together in a scale or […]

Music 06 – Notes

Music 06 – Notes We’ve already discussed a little bit about notes in previous lessons.  We’ve looked at where notes can be located on a grand staff, along with the lengths of different notes, and what the length is described as.  Let’s take a look now at what the actual notes in western music are.  We […]

Music 04 – Musical Staff

Music 04 – Musical Staff     In music, there must be a way to differentiate proper pitch, timing, and emotion of the music.  How might one do that?  The Musical staff!  In western music, even the basic skilled musician can take a peek at a piece of music notation, and understand the direction that the song […]

Music 03 – Genres

Music 03 – Genres One of the most beautiful things about Music, is the expansiveness of Genres. Tomorrow we can turn around and find a new genre! Just when we think we’ve heard everything, something new and beautiful comes out, and it changes the way we listen to music. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to […]